What is the Difference Between Mental and Emotional Health?

People often view mental and emotional health as the same thing, but mental and emotional processes create different types of stress and issues with daily living. Many people with these issues attempt to deal with them alone or see a traditional practitioner for medication, but holistic medicine can restore your mental and emotional balance in a natural way that connects mind, body, and emotions. 

What is the Difference Between Mental and Emotional Health?

Mental and emotional health are tightly intertwined, and they constantly affect each other. When you feel mentally anxious or depressed, you may respond to a situation with negative thoughts and assumptions. This can cause you to feel emotionally upset. If you feel emotionally distressed, you may begin to have negative thoughts. 

Mental health imbalance can cause people to think of negative things that could happen or focus on negative thoughts, causing anxiety and depression. Emotional health imbalance can lead to a feeling that you have lost control of your emotions or feel depressed or anxious. 

How Does Naturopathic Medicine View Mental and Emotional Health?

To a naturopathic physician like Dr. Cutler, mental and emotional health are two related aspects of one total person. For a person to feel mentally and emotionally healthy, people must find balance in the body and spirit as well.

Rather than a disease to be cured with medication, Dr. Cutler and his team view mental or emotional health issues as imbalances or responses to environmental stressors. Medications cover up symptoms by numbing them but do nothing to resolve the true causes. Instead, Dr. Cutler will work with your prescribing physician regarding your medications, but he will also recommend a lifestyle and nutrition plan that will restore all aspects of the person to a state of health.

How is Mental and Emotional Health Treated?

We will thoroughly review your lifestyle and any genetic or environmental factors contributing to mental and emotional health conditions. These may include:

  • Genetic factors that can lead to a biological predisposition
  • Dietary factors and sensitivities that can affect mood
  • Physical activity
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Environmental factors
  • Sources of stress

Stress is one of the most powerful triggers of mental and emotional imbalance. People who feel stressed feel anxious and vigilant, which leads to hormonal responses heightening physical imbalances as well as mental and emotional ones. 

What are the Next Steps?

You will receive a customized treatment plan that recommends a clinical nutrition plan designed for your needs, recommendations for exercise and adequate sleep, and natural supplements if needed to help balance mood and decrease stress. We will also work with you to reduce sources of stress in your life and learn how to manage them better.

Take the Next Step

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Doug Cutler and his team of expert naturopathic providers to learn more about mental and emotional health. Call us at (248) 663-0165 today! Cutler Integrative Medicine is dedicated to your health and well-being. 

Cutler Integrative Medicine is a premier award-winning wellness clinic that provides patients with unparalleled individualized naturopathic healthcare. Dr. Doug Cutler is a nationally renowned expert in Naturopathic medicine and has the highest training in his field, as well as in Environmental Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, and Detoxification. His ClubIV™ is one of the most extensive IV Nutrient Clinics in the country.

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