The future of medicine is here! With the convenience of seeing your doctor from the comfort of your home, no longer do you need to worry about traffic, wait in office to see the doctor or schedule your day around lengthy medical appointments.

Virtual Consultations

With the use of a medical online video call software, you see the doctor while having all your forms and conferencing private and HIPPA compliant. Dr. Cutler will take a combination of his online assessment tools, testing analysis, your personal health history, and the information from our virtual face-to-face intake, to create your custom health program.

ME ID™ Customized Testing

Dr. Cutler’s exclusive ME ID™ is used to find your individualized health blueprint™. Specialized testing is used to assess your current level of health and your long-term health goals. A customized list will be recommended to you based on your initial patient consultation, and your individual needs.

Functional Blood Work Analysis

A Functional Blood Work Analysis (FBWA) reveals dysfunctional health patterns long before the blood test result is abnormal. A specialized in-depth assessment of blood work, along with other clinical factors, helps in restoring optimal function to the body. During your FBWA consultation, each blood test is compared to the standard laboratory reference range and the optimal health reference range to create breakthroughs in hard to pinpoint connections in symptoms previously.

Individualized Health Plans

From your completed health assessment, you will be given a custom health program to include diet & lifestyle recommendations, as well as any necessary natural medicines.

By learning to appropriately monitor your health, you will see benefits above and beyond your initial health challenges and goals. Patients commonly report more energy, improved quality of sleep, greater ease of maintaining a healthy weight, and a more clear mind.

There is so much more to health than the absence of disease!

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