What is Preconception Care?

Getting pregnant happens easily for some people and not so easy for others. For those who have had trouble conceiving or just want to ensure a healthy start to their pregnancy, preconception care will prime the body for a natural conception.

What is Preconception Care?

For people planning to become pregnant, preconception care can help you achieve your desired results faster and start your pregnancy with everything your body will need. During your visit to discuss preconception care, we will review factors such as:

  • Current nutrition and any dietary needs
  • Lifestyle, including physical activity and sleep quality
  • Genetic factors
  • Environmental exposures to chemicals shown to affect hormone levels
  • Sensitivities to foods or exposures that can stress the body
  • Your level of mental preparation for the conception process

Many environmental exposures have been proven to affect hormone levels, but few traditional medicine providers discuss these with patients. Lifestyle factors can also affect whether your body feels prepared for pregnancy, so adjusting these factors can improve conception results. 

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How Does Naturopathy Treat Preconception Care?

In traditional medicine, couples are usually told to try conceiving on their own for a certain amount of time. At this point, the doctor will often declare that they have fertility issues and will prescribe medications or invasive procedures. While these methods may result in a pregnancy, they can wreak havoc on hormonal systems as well as cause emotional and financial stress. 

A naturopathic physician like Dr. Cutler will not set any arbitrary limits on when you should conceive but will work with you to adjust your plan until you become pregnant. Even people who have no difficulty conceiving can benefit from preconception care, which balances and supports the body to prepare for a healthy pregnancy from the very beginning.

What Can I Expect From Preconception Care?

You can expect that Dr. Cutler will establish a plan for you to help you achieve a healthy conception and pregnancy. This may include changes to your diet, avoidance of toxins and products that affect hormones, increasing certain nutrients, and increasing physical activity and sleep to achieve a healthier body and mind. 

What are the Next Steps?

After you conceive, you have embarked on the journey of maintaining a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Cutler will follow you through your pregnancy and continue to make changes to your diet, and other lifestyle recommendations as your body’s needs change throughout your baby’s development. He will also change any supplements you take to make sure you and your baby get enough of all the essential nutrients. 

Take the Next Step

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Doug Cutler and his team of expert naturopathic providers to learn more about preconception planning. Call us at (248) 663-0165 today! Cutler Integrative Medicine is dedicated to your health and well-being. 

Cutler Integrative Medicine is a premier award-winning wellness clinic that provides patients with unparalleled individualized naturopathic healthcare. Dr. Doug Cutler is a nationally renowned expert in Naturopathic medicine and has the highest training in his field, as well as in Environmental Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, and Detoxification. His ClubIV™ is one of the most extensive IV Nutrient Clinics in the country.

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