Why is Mental Health Important?

Mental health affects how we think, feel, and act. It affects our mood, our relationships with other people, our work, and our emotional well-being. Most people don’t even realize how much mental and emotional stress they experience each day, so we shouldn’t be surprised when all of this unhealthy stress results in symptoms of mental health problems. 

What is Mental Health?

Mental health encompasses how we see the world and how we think about it. Our emotional, physical, and social wellness suffer if we do not find ways to manage stress and maintain our mind and body in a state of balance. Mental health issues can occur as a result of biological, emotional, or social issues. While conventional medicine treats the symptoms with medications, these often do not heal the core of the problem. 

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What are the Most Common Types of Mental Health Issues?

Some of the most common types of mental health concerns include:


Stress is the biggest trigger of anxiety, depression, and many physical and emotional health problems. Stress releases a cascade of hormones that trigger fight-or-flight pathways in the body and brain, leading to a constant state of hyper-alertness and worry. Intended to protect us in the event of emergencies, stress can become our worst enemy when it keeps our minds and bodies in overdrive. 


Anxiety in response to actual danger is a reasonable reaction. Still, many of us become so stressed that we respond to harmless situations with worry and fear that can interfere with our daily lives. In a state of constant anxiety, the body continues to release stress hormones that cause physical and emotional issues. 


Depression manifests as the inability to enjoy things that a person once enjoyed, persistent feelings of sadness or worthlessness, lack of energy, weight changes, and even suicidal thoughts. Depression can cause people to neglect their physical and emotional self-care

Why is Mental Health Important?

Mental health issues can drive a host of problems in other systems, including physical, emotional, social, and spiritual. When we fall under the pressure of stress, anxiety, and depression, everyday tasks become difficult, and interactions with our loved ones may suffer. Mental health issues must always receive the attention they deserve because they can significantly impact a person’s quality of life without treatment. 

How Do Naturopathic Providers Treat Mental Health?

Dr. Cutler and his team of naturopathic providers treat mental health symptoms holistically, treating the entire person in all aspects of their physical and mental health, including evaluating your lifestyle, diet, stress levels, and physical health, and bring balance to the entire person. When mental, physical, and spiritual health fall into balance, mental health symptoms improve. 

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