What Is IV Nutrient Therapy?

Cutler Integrative Medicine offers IV therapy treatments to help restore a natural and optimal balance in the body. Cutler Integrative Medicine specializes in naturopathic medicine and has one of the only FDA/USP compliant intravenous/intramuscular Nutrient Therapy Clinics in Michigan. Click here to learn more about IV therapy and how it can help boost your overall health.

IV Nutrient Therapy Overview

IV Nutrient Therapy delivers vitamins, nutrients, and other treatments directly into the bloodstream. The IV route of administration provides 100 percent bioavailability, unlike oral-based therapies that only absorb about 50% in your system. With 100 percent bioavailability, you experience the full effects of the treatment. 

IV Nutrient Therapy has been used to treat any number of physical conditions where some degree of chemical imbalance exists. Cutler Integrative Medicine’s naturopathic approach works seamlessly with IV Nutrient Therapy, so you can expect to experience noticeable results in your health.

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How Does IV Nutrient Therapy Work?

IV Nutrient Therapy, also called intravenous therapy, delivers medications, nutrition, and fluids directly into your veins via a hypodermic needle or external tubing. In cases of dehydration, malnutrition, or even a vitamin/nutrient boost, IV therapy offers the most direct route of administration. 

With oral and topical methods, bioavailability may be compromised compared to IV therapy. Bioavailability has to do with how much of the administered agent gets absorbed and distributed throughout the body. Intravenous therapy goes directly into your blood circulation, which guarantees 100 percent bioavailability.

Vitamin and Nutrient Boosts Using IV Nutrient Therapy 

Chemical imbalances in the body tend to have a ripple effect when left untreated. One vitamin or nutrient deficiency can jeopardize any number of bodily functions, depending on how essential it is. Dr. Cutler of Cutler Integrative Medicine specializes in finding these imbalances and treating them accordingly.

Cutler Integrative Medicine has one of the only FDA/USP compliant intravenous and intramuscular Nutrient Therapy Clinics in Michigan. In fact, Dr. Cutler is a pioneer in some of the most advanced IV Nutrient Therapies in the nation. We customize our nutrient formulas to your specific biochemical makeup to help restore balance in your system, promoting your optimal health and well-being. 

Here are a few types of nutrients used in IV Nutrient Therapy:

  • Amino acids
  • Vitamins
  • Nutrients that detox the body
  • Minerals  
  • Anti-Inflammatory agents
  • Immune system boosters
  • Nerve repair nutrients

What Types of Results Can I Expect?

Since each person has a unique biochemical makeup, treatment needs and results will vary depending on your situation. However, once your chemical balance is restored, you can expect to experience noticeable changes in how your body feels.

Some of the more common effects of IV Nutrient Therapy include:

  • Reduced systemic inflammation
  • Feeling less anxious or stressed
  • Relief from chronic pain symptoms
  • Increased energy
  • Stronger immune system 
  • Eliminates toxicants from the body
  • Stimulates the body’s natural healing processes

Am I a Good Candidate for IV Nutrient Therapy?

IV therapy may be just what you need if you experience any form of physical, mental, or emotional ailment. Here are just a few situations where IV therapy can help:

  • As an anti-aging treatment
  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Insomnia
  • To counter the effects of a high-stress lifestyle
  • To help athletes reach peak performance levels
  • Enhance memory and brain function
  • Body detoxification
  • Allergies 

You can meet with Dr. Cutler of ClubIV™ and Cutler Integrative Medicine, for a deeper health assessment, or you can start with one of his nurses directly for your IV Wellness Visit. From there, your IV therapy will be based on your body’s treatment needs and any personal goals.

Take the Next Step

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Doug Cutler and his team of expert naturopathic providers to learn more about IV Nutrient Therapy. Call us at (248) 663-0165 today! Cutler Integrative Medicine is dedicated to your health and wellbeing.

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