Treating Mental Health Holistically

Mental health disorders can be biological, physiological, and social. Conventional treatment will “disguise” the disorder with a combination of medications that will mask symptoms with a false perception of treatment. 

The brain’s tolerance to the medication will increase with use, triggering symptoms to recur. These medications are highly addictive and abused because the cause was not identified. Never go “cold turkey” with any medications; work with your prescribing physician to meet your health goals.

Mental Health Detroit

What are Mental Health Concerns?


Stress is the leading cause of health problems, anxiety, and depression. We are continuously exposed to stressors, whether they’re related to work, family, relationships, or our environment. A stressor triggers a release of hormones initiating a response from both mind and body to be on high alert. This is commonly called the flight or fight response.


Anxiety or worry is a natural response experienced from childhood through adulthood. If you are finding yourself feeling anxious without reason or anxiety is affecting your quality of life, it can be a sign of anxiety disorder.


Depression disorder is more than just feeling unhappy. When you have depression it is a persistent, intense feeling of sadness and loss of interest in experiencing enjoyment. Depression, like anxiety, affects all ages with an increased prevalence with age. Depression is approximately 50% more prevalent in women than men. Ten percent of the US population experiences depression severe enough to necessitate medical attention. Depression can lead to a range of different behavioral and physical symptoms.

Naturopathic Approach to Mental Health

Naturopathic physicians focus on the patient as a whole—mind, body, and spirit. Addressing the root cause is the key to prevention and treatment. Treatment evaluates your individual stress levels, diet, and lifestyle and focuses on reducing possible causes and learning prevention.

When one properly begins detoxification and cleansing of the mind and body, health will begin to restore its balanced, functional state.

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