Top 5 Benefits of IV Therapy

Are you getting all the nutrients you need from your diet? Even if you choose healthy, nutrient-rich foods, your body will only benefit from the amount it can absorb. IV therapy delivers nutrients directly into your bloodstream. IV therapy offers a wide range of benefits that almost anyone can enjoy. 

What is IV Therapy?

IV (intravenous) therapy uses a small needle to place a catheter in one of your veins. This catheter delivers sterile saline that contains your treatment components. IV therapy may contain B vitamins, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, amino acids, and many other nutrients. 

You may experience both immediate and long-term benefits, especially from regular sessions. IV therapy can be used as a quick remedy for conditions like a hangover. It also has lasting benefits for stress, cognitive functioning, physical performance, and detoxification.

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Top 5 Benefits of IV Therapy

Better Nutrient Absorption

Your gut absorbs only a fraction of the nutrients you take in through your diet. The absorption of nutrients from IV therapy is 100%. Your blood will carry these beneficial ingredients wherever the body needs them most. Even those with a highly nutritious diet can benefit from this increased uptake of nutrients. 

Customizable Treatments

Each IV therapy session is customized to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. Along with our range of IV treatments, we offer a variety of boosters we can add to your IV therapy for extra benefits. 

Immediate Boosts

IV therapy provides immediate hydration, reducing dehydration symptoms like headache, fogginess, and lack of energy. IV hangover therapy can quickly resolve symptoms of over-indulgence, and you can also find relief from migraines or prepare for a physical challenge. 

Long-Term Health Benefits

IV therapy has benefits, including improved cognitive functioning, better sleep, lowered stress, and improved athletic performance when used regularly. Perhaps most importantly, IV therapy can provide anti-aging benefits to prevent the physical and mental decline of aging. 


Each IV treatment is prepared in sterile conditions for your safety. IV therapy has no side effects for most people, and you can relax, read, or watch a movie during treatment. IV therapy components occur naturally in the body or your diet. 

Why Choose Cutler Integrative Medicine for IV Therapy?

We offer one of only a few FDA/USP compliant IV/IM (Intravenous/Intramuscular) Nutrient Therapy Clinics in Michigan. You can rest assured that your IV therapy has been prepared in an ISO-5 Clean Room for maximum safety and purity. Dr. Cutler and his team will perform a full panel of tests to determine which nutrients your body needs most so your IV treatments have the highest effectiveness. 

Take the Next Step

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Doug Cutler and his team of expert naturopathic providers to learn more about IV therapy. Call us at (248) 663-0165 today! Cutler Integrative Medicine is dedicated to your health and well-being. 

Cutler Integrative Medicine is a premier award-winning wellness clinic that provides patients with unparalleled individualized naturopathic healthcare. Dr. Doug Cutler is a nationally renowned expert in Naturopathic medicine and has the highest training in his field, as well as in Environmental Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, and Detoxification. His ClubIV™ is one of the most extensive IV Nutrient Clinics in the country

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