Benefits of Holistic Weight Management

While medical weight loss management focuses on foods eaten and calories burned, holistic weight loss considers the whole person, body and mind. Holistic practitioners get to the core of what limits your weight loss and help you unlock new tools to empower your daily lifestyle choices. 

What is Holistic Weight Management?

Holistic weight management takes into consideration many factors, including:

  • Emotional well-being and stress levels
  • Diet and exercise history
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Sleep issues
  • Exposure to toxins


All of these can contribute to why people struggle with losing weight. Holistic weight management recognizes that a clinically balanced diet and changes to increase activity will improve results. However, this philosophy also recognizes that each person’s unique genetics, physical and mental well-being, and overall lifestyle contribute to their weight. At Cutler Integrative Medicine, we address all of these factors to create a truly holistic weight management experience. 

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How Does Holistic Weight Management Work?

Holistic weight management works by tailoring the treatment plan to the individual. We offer many programs that can help people manage the areas of their lives that contribute to their weight, including:

  • Identifying food sensitivities
  • Managing insulin resistance
  • Promoting healthy liver and thyroid function
  • Identifying nutritional deficiencies
  • Chelation to remove toxic heavy metals
  • Managing stress and emotional distress
  • Developing a comprehensive holistic eating plan


As a result of these interventions, the body and mind can work as they should. You not only learn the keys to eating more nourishing foods, but you also learn how to manage other aspects of your health, such as thyroid function and exposure to toxins. 

Benefits of Holistic Weight Management

Even medical practitioners know that diet and exercise advice seldom get followed by patients. The reason: this advice does not teach the skills to help people make these significant lifestyle changes. 

Because holistic weight management recognizes the importance of working with the whole person, we guide your treatment through each step until you have mastered the skills to continue your own healthy lifestyle. 

Diagnosing nutritional deficiencies or food sensitivities can dramatically improve your digestive function and overall health. Most people with deficiencies just think they feel tired or unwell all the time, and people with food sensitivities may experience a constellation of symptoms, including inflammation and fatigue. Treating these issues can restore a person’s energy so they want to live a more active lifestyle. 

Is Holistic Weight Management Safe?

Because it uses no drugs, strict diet plans, or harsh exercise regimens, holistic weight management will work safely for almost anyone. Holistic treatments are customized to the individual patient, and are non-invasive, safe, and work with your own body. 

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