What is Naturopathic Medicine?

Dr. Cutler of Cutler Integrative Medicine uses naturopathic medicine to treat the entire patient, not just a set of symptoms. Naturopathic medicine isn’t just about a medical condition: it’s about you. Many people feel dissatisfied with what traditional medicine has to offer, or feel like their doctors do not appreciate them as whole human beings. Holistic medicine takes the opposite approach. 

Naturopathic Medicine Overview

Naturopathic Medicine is a form of treatment that focuses on the whole body, mind, and spirit. It teaches patients to take care of their mental, emotional and physical health in order to live a healthy life. 

The Naturopathic Doctor sees the patient as a whole person, not just their symptoms. They try to treat the root cause of an illness and will take into account all aspects of your life when working with you on a treatment plan. The treatments are designed to promote healing from within and help restore balance in bodily systems so they can function at their best.

Naturopathic Medicine Detroit

What Is Naturopathic Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine takes an individual’s entire lifestyle, mental and emotional health, and other factors into account when determining a diagnosis or treatment plan as opposed to just applying a one size fits all approach like traditional medicine does.

In contrast to traditional medicine which treats symptoms with drugs or surgery, Naturopathic Medicine practices the concept that many illnesses are caused by lifestyle concerns such as stress levels, diet, and environmental factors like pollution or toxicants. By addressing these root causes of illness holistically we can not only improve our current health but also prevent future disease.

Dr. Cutler of Cutler Integrative Medicine is a nationally renowned expert in Naturopathic Medicine

How Does Naturopathic Medicine Work?

Naturopathic Medicine is an integrative approach to health care that focuses on prevention, treatment, and optimal functioning of the human body. It is a holistic system that blends modern scientific knowledge with traditional and natural forms of healing.

Naturopathic Doctors are trained in traditional medical sciences as well as herbal remedies, homeopathy, hydrotherapy (water treatment), and physical therapies. Naturopathic Medicine also emphasizes treating the whole person rather than only their illness or symptoms.

What Type of Training Does a Naturopathic Doctor Have?

Naturopathic Doctors like Dr. Cutler attend at least a four-year intensive program at a Naturopathic Medical School. They receive training in all the subjects traditional doctors train in, as well as homeopathic and botanical medicine, clinical nutrition, counseling, and psychology. 

Because Naturopathic Medicine follows the approach of treating the entire person and allowing nature to do its own healing work, Naturopathic Doctors work to help the body heal itself by helping the entire person feel mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually better. 

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Cutler Integrative Medicine is a premier award-winning wellness clinic that provides patients with unparalleled individualized naturopathic healthcare, Dr. Doug Cutler is a national expert in Naturopathic medicine and has the highest training in his field, as well as in Environmental Medicine, IV Nutrient Therapy, and Detoxification. His ClubIV™ is one of the most extensive IV Nutrient Clinics in the country.

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