What is Genetic Testing?

Our fate is not written in our genes, and by knowing our risk factors, we can often change them. Genetic testing identifies small areas of genetic variation that predispose you to a wide range of health problems. This testing can help people understand their health risks, so they know how to protect themselves.

What is Genetic Testing?

Genetic testing takes a small sample of your DNA and reads the amino acid sequences that form genes. Testing focuses on areas where genetic variation is expected. These single-nucleotide polymorphisms (“snips”) often make no difference, but some variations can be harmful. Every year the amount of information we can learn from our genes continues to grow. We can now identify predispositions to food and drug sensitivities, whether certain medications will work, and even our risk for some types of cancer. 

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Why Should I Have Genetic Testing?

Most of us feel better when we understand our risks and can plan a path to avoid them. Genetic testing lets you map out a lifestyle that avoids your genetic pitfalls and lets you actively manage your health

Genetic testing can help you identify your risks for health problems, including:

  • Food and drug sensitivities
  • Metabolic disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Cancer

Fortunately, these genetic changes usually cause a predisposition to a health problem, but they are not a guarantee that these health problems will occur. Genetic testing has become increasingly popular as people learn about food sensitivities or heart disease risks they did not realize they had. Genetic testing may trigger a desire to make essential changes in your life.

What Should I Do With My Genetic Testing Results?

In many cases, you can use this information to make positive changes in your life. Learning you have an elevated risk of cancer allows you to have regular screenings, catching any problems while they are easy to treat. You can often ward off the onset of metabolic disorders with lifestyle changes. Many people find that they have had digestive issues for a long time due to undiagnosed food sensitivity, and they feel a dramatic improvement when they eliminate this food from their diet. 

Will My Genetic Testing Results Affect My Children?

Genetics can set the stage for health problems, but lifestyle changes can prevent them from ever happening. Children can learn healthy lifestyle habits from a young age, which will benefit them in many other ways. With conditions like diabetes that can occur in childhood, knowing your risk and helping your child learn to lead a healthy lifestyle could be the best gift you ever give them.

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