How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health?

Conventional medicine has seen minimal success in treating mental health concerns. Medications used to manage mental health have limited effectiveness and a range of unpleasant side effects. A naturopathic physician uses lifestyle changes like exercise as tools to improve mental health. They will develop a comprehensive plan to restore your mental and physical balance for better overall health. 

What is Naturopathic Mental Health Treatment?

Mental health concerns have complex underlying causes that medication cannot address. A naturopathic physician like Dr. Doug Cutler treats mental health as one aspect of a whole person. Physical and mental health issues reflect an imbalance that requires comprehensive, individualized treatment. Tools like exercise affect the physical body but also release signals that boost mood and ease stress. Mental health can be a reflection of physical, emotional, and environmental stressors that benefit from naturopathic medicine. 

How Does Exercise Improve Mental Health?

You may already know that exercise improves your cardiovascular health and makes muscles stronger. Considerable research has demonstrated that it also improves your mental health. During exercise, physical changes in the body send out a cascade of signals that promote relaxation and improved mood. This flood of signals contributes to the “runner’s high” that many people report during and after exercise. Regular physical activity also improves brain function and controls your response to stress. 

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How Can Physical Health Boost Mental Health?

Naturopathic physicians understand the complex interactions between mind and body. An imbalance in one area will likely show itself in symptoms that affect other areas. When the body experiences an imbalance, hormones and other molecules carry distress signals to the brain. The brain responds by sending out signals that depress the immune system and cause physical symptoms. Managing physical causes of stress can often balance your mood and improve your mental health. 

How Are Mental Health Concerns Treated?

Conventional medicine treats mental health concerns using medications that affect your neurotransmitters, but neurotransmitters do not only affect mood. They also affect everything from muscle activity to digestion. Dr. Cutler will use methods that support your body’s natural functions, including:


Your brain uses a huge percentage of your body’s resources, including nutrients. Supplements and dietary changes can provide a vital boost to mental health. IV therapy offers a way to enhance your results by improving nutrient absorption. 

Lifestyle Changes

Exercise is one of many lifestyle changes that can have a dramatic effect on your mental health. Meditation and other stress management techniques can help, and spending more time outdoors in nature has been shown to improve mood. Dr. Cutler will also determine whether exposure to environmental toxicants is depressing your physical or mental well-being. 

Herbal and Homeopathic Treatments

Your treatment plan may include these safe, natural medicines. Homeopathic remedies work on the principle that “like cures like” and use tiny doses to stimulate your body’s healthy responses. Herbal treatments include plants with demonstrated mood-boosting properties that lack the side effects of conventional medications.  

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