How Can Holistic Medicine Help With Aging?

Keeping your mind and body youthful means protecting them from the factors that can cause you to age prematurely. Holistic medicine focuses on whole-person wellness and helping people lead a lifestyle that benefits the mind, body, and spirit. Holistic medicine will use a customized treatment plan to help you protect yourself from factors that speed up the aging process. 

What Causes Aging?

When asked this question, most people first think that aging results from the passage of time. However, we all know that people visually show their age at different rates. People who look younger than others their age often lead a physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy lifestyle. Factors that can affect your rate of aging can include:

  • Environmental toxicants
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Stress and emotional issues
  • Lack of exercise
  • Hormonal changes
  • Inflammation

Many of these causes can be prevented, or their effects can be lessened. 

How Can Holistic Medicine Help With Aging?

Holistic medicine deals with mental and emotional wellness along with your physical health. Aging is not a purely physical occurrence, so slowing the aging process requires attention to factors like stress levels and mental health. Holistic medicine doctors develop a treatment plan based on a detailed assessment of your food sensitivities, hormone levels, nutritional deficiencies, toxin exposures, and even genetic factors. 

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Why See a Naturopathic Physician for Aging?

A naturopathic physician uses holistic medicine to help you age more slowly and feel healthier. Over time the body’s nutritional needs change, hormone levels fall, and the accumulated burden of toxicants may increase. Thorough testing will illuminate all these possible causes and allow your naturopathic physician to develop your comprehensive lifestyle plan. This may include:

  • Daily physical activity at a level comfortable for you
  • Targeted nutrition focuses on the foods that benefit you most
  • Vitamins and minerals or other supplements
  • Stress management techniques like mindfulness or meditation
  • Detoxification and avoidance of toxicant exposures

What Results Will I See With Holistic Medicine for Aging?

Managing your aging process requires a long-term commitment. Fortunately, once you adopt the changes recommended in your treatment plan, you may start to feel so much healthier that you are motivated to keep up with these changes in the future. You may begin to feel the effects of some changes within a few days, such as less stiffness or back pain, as you add more physical activity. Other changes may take months to become fully effective. 

Am I a Good Candidate for Holistic Medicine?

Holistic medicine is drug-free, non-invasive, and safe for everyone. You are never too young or old to start living a healthier lifestyle based on holistic health practices. The younger you begin preventative measures, the younger you will look and feel as you grow older. 

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