Integrative Health Model

Offering you services of Alternative Medical Services, namely: holistic health services, naturopathic medicine, botanical medicine, and environmental medicine including; acupuncture, Neurotherapy, allergy elimination, colon hydrotherapy, constitutional hydrotherapy, and clinical nutrition counseling; Acupuncture services; Colonic treatments, namely; irrigation of the colon for cleansing purposes by injecting large amounts of fluid high into the colon; Holistic health services; Nutrition counseling; Nutritional therapy services; Providing healthy lifestyle and nutrition services, namely; personal assessments, personalized routines, maintenance schedules, and counseling; Providing in-person holistic health care services

Conceirge 24

This direct and personal approach to the on-call services of a doctor of integrative medicine is available on an exclusive basis to individuals and their families through the Cutler Integrative Medicine’s (CIM) Concierge 24/7 Program. For a low monthly fee and an even lower annual fee, you will have comprehensive and quick access to all of your medical needs. CIM delivers the medical care you need and the peace of mind you deserve in today’s hectic and impersonal health care system. As your health care advocate, Dr. Cutler is determined to make your journey to optimal health convenient, effective and affordable.

Integrative Me

Integrative Me™ is an exclusive membership program for Cutler Integrative Medicine patients who are committed to improving their health, but also keeping within a budget. We know what it takes to keep up and maintain our health, so we would like to reward you for your investment in yourself, as well as acknowledge your support to us at CIM. It is always our priority to bring you the most advanced medicine, products, and service available, and we are honored to continue to serve you!

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