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After a sudden onset in my 20’s, I struggled with Crohn’s disease, an inflammatory disease of the digestive system. I was seriously ill. After seeing conventional doctors, taking medications and enduring two major surgeries that almost cost my life, I saw an ND who provided me with solutions and therapies that worked. This allowed me to see the good and the voids of conventional medicine, and I want to make a difference for others.

I created Cutler Integrative Medicine to be the most advanced naturopathic clinic around in getting to the root cause of individuals’ symptoms, not just suppress them with a pill per day mentality. I enjoy my hour long visits with patients and give them a level of care they are not used to. I discover, understand and treat illness caused by many factors such as nutritional or biochemical dysfunction, environmental toxins, autoimmune disorders, lifestyle, genetics, mental and emotional health and more.

Patients who have gone years just dealing with symptoms are shocked when we easily provide relief and do it in a safe, effective manner. I know firsthand what my patients go through, so this is beyond a practice for me, it’s personal.

No matter if you are already experiencing health problems or have a desire to prevent them, or even if your children are struggling with their health, we treat the individual, not the diagnosis. Your breakthrough is just around the corner.

Expect miracles!

Dr. Cutler, ND

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